About NFIB

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National Franchise Insurance Brokers (NFIB) was established to fill
the gap in the market for a dedicated online provider of insurance
cover specifically designed for franchisees, franchisors and
franchised businesses. NFIB offers competitively priced insurance
covers, and franchisors can rest easy in the knowledge all NFIB
products are underwritten by one of the world’s leading insurers.
With our system, new franchisees that join are spared the time
and tedium of researching insurance, then completing forms
and applying for coverage. When franchisees go online they are
taken to a custom area where all their information is already in
the system and cover has been created to comply with franchisor
requirements. Franchisors are also provided with an audit program
where they can keep up-to-date with franchisee insurance
With a commitment to excellent customer service and experience
in working in the franchise space, NFIB will work with franchisors
to evaluate their business requirements, so they are provided with
the level of cover that is best for their franchise system.

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