NFIB Connects with Truecause

Truecause is a cause-marketing consultancy and crowdfunding platform for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) community within the global insurance sector. CSR, otherwise known as corporate citizenship, is a corporation or organisation’s initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environment and social wellbeing. Truecause, as an organisation, is taking steps to facilitate and simplify the insurance sectors’ involvement in cause-related campaigns.

The idea behind Truecause is to leverage a global web of insurance companies to spread the word about a particular charitable cause, a cause set up by a third party. The Truecause process, as highlighted on their website, is simple and open to any organisation that wishes to raise funds to aid a particular issue in society.

The Process:

1. Sign up on Truecause
2. Identify a Cause you believe in
3. Create your campaign
4. Add photos, funding goals, time limits, objectives
5. Truecause reviews your campaign for eligibility
6. Truecause approves or declines your campaign
7. Campaign goes live
8. Cause Marketing begins – campaign is disseminated around network

From here Truecause’s primary value – crowdsourcing – is put to use, which allows the campaigner to reach a network far greater in size than its own – and the word is spread about not only the good cause, but the organisation’s willingness to put time and energy into something that is not strictly business related.

NFIB have recently formed an affiliation with Truecause to help expand their network. Corporate Citizenship is an important part of the insurance sector – and an affiliation with a crowdsourcing organisation based on raising money for those less fortunate forms part of our commitment to helping the community.

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