Satisfied Customers Save Money, Time and Stress Through NFIB’s Insurance

When it comes to providing services to our clients, the proof really is in the pudding! There’s really no point in talking about NFIB’s services unless we can truly deliver on our promises. So this month we’ve posted a testimonial from a happy client who saved money, time and stress by insuring through NFIB. This includes experiencing our fast claims process, as well as saving a considerable amount on the costs of premiums.

Read below to find out for yourself.


“I have had my franchise for the last 7 years and I am very happy to have my business insured with National Franchise Insurance Brokers (NFIB).  I switched over to them 3 years ago and in this time I have found the premiums to be extremely competitive, saving me over a thousand dollars each year!  My experience when it comes to making a claim has been very positive to say the least!  The process is very clearly defined, with a contact person you can actually communicate with from start to finish, making it very easy to lodge a claim.

Just recently my cake freezer had a catastrophic failure and needed to be replaced.  From the time I lodged the necessary claim forms, invoices and reports from the refrigeration mechanic, I had an answer within 4 hours!  My claim was approved and I was advised that I would be awarded the full replacement cost less the excess.  This customer service is truly outstanding from an insurance provider and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues and the wider business community!”

Our promise to you

At NFIB we believe in making it as affordable and easy as possible to insure your franchise, just as we did for the client above. We manage this by taking a lot of the red tape and hassle out of insurance for franchised businesses. Check out our services or contact us if you want to find out more!


*Claims handling varies depending on the nature, the individual’s claims history, and cover in place.

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