Every second year since 1998, the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence at Griffith University has produced the Franchising Australia Report. In 2016, the centre will be celebrating the 10th instalment of the report, and you can contribute to it.

The Franchising Australia Report provides detailed and comprehensive insights into franchising in Australia, based on robust research and data. It delves into such issues as the number of franchise units in Australia (79,000 in 2014), the contribution of franchising to the economy ($144 billion turnover in 2014), and the number of direct employees in franchised businesses (46,000 at last count).

The surveys done for the purposes of data gathering are recognised by the government as a benchmark for identifying Australia’s franchise population. In addition, the more franchises that participate in the survey, the more accurate the information produced, and the higher quality the report.

This year, the surveys will be launched in July. You can find out more about participating by contacting the centre at Griffith University.

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